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Custom Blocks Attached to Stems Don't Accept BoneMeal


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I made new id's for seeds and stem, they extend their counterparts of ItemSeed and BlockStem, and made the "fruitType" just be Iron and Diamond Ores.  Everything works fine they grow and drop the seeds they should once I found that piece of code and added the options. No matter what I try nothing will allow them to be bonemealed.  I looked through many different classes related to the Stem but I can't find anything that needs to be changed.  If i just change the fruit in the Minecraft Block list of melon to oreIron it works the same it can be bonemealed and it still grows to be iron ore but once i make my own classes that extend BlockStem the bonemeal doesn't work, any suggestions would be great. I tried looking at some tutorials on here but they all deal with Crops not Stems and the bonemeal tutorial seems outdated and also not relevant.

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