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Forging a Minecraft Mod (video tutorials)

Lycanus Darkbinder

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I apologize if this is not the proper forum however I was unable to create a page on the wiki in the Tutorials subforum (no button of any kind to add topics and info).




is a playlist of 12 videos by someone by the name of Vidar Swenning (vswe). Each video runs between 40 minutes to 1 hour and is presented in a "classroom" style format. The playlist starts off with a "Getting Started" video and progresses to advanced topics such as Entities and World Generation.


I am new to Forge and started with TileEntities which admittedly was not a beginner topic. I found these videos in my search for information and thought they'd be worth sharing.

To the moderator:


Again, sorry if this doesn't belong here but I thought it a better fit than "General" since it is related to modding and the videos are very high quality and informative.





PS: No, I am not affiliated with the videos or their creator.

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I created a topic for you which you can edit.  It should appear on the tutorials listing page in a day or two.



The easiest way to create a new page is just to type



Then add [[Category:Tutorial Series]] and perhaps {{#set:Difficulty=Beginner}}


There is a tutorial/post on this wiki somewhere about creating tutorial pages, but I can't find it :-|


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Thanks, I updated it to include extra info about the version of Minecraft used in the series and slightly more detail about the topics covered.


By the way, I added the tag for Beginner and Advanced but I don't see them on the finished page, they showed up in the preview though.





I've always had trouble editing wikis on various sites, I think I have a rogue Firefox plugin that doesn't play well with certain API.

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Unlocked to ask @TheGreyGhost a question...


The link has shown up on the tutorial listing as ForgingAModLectureSeries, I think because there were no underscores used in the page name: "Forging_A_Mod_Lecture_Series" like the other links / pages use.


When I tried to edit the list, none of the entries are available in the edit box. Is there any way we can fix the way it appears in the list so it says "Forging a Minecraft Mod - Lecture Series" instead of "ForgingAModLectureSeries"?


Edit: The page coolAlias posted also looks that way, all jammed together.

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Ah yeah you're right, that does look a bit silly


That page is generated automatically, so I think probably the easiest way is

1) create a new page with the underscores in


2) copy the text from the old page to the new page

3) remove the [[Category:Tutorial Series]] from the old page so that it will disappear from the tutorial list (I'm guessing)



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