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Hello, We’re DH Development Team, we are working on a mod Called Dimensional Hybrids


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What is DH Team Planning to Create?

The DH Team has been  working on a mod that crosses dimensional planes into new worlds with new tech, & magic that helps create unique creatures by splicing DNA of known mobs into one that is one powerful pet that’s able to level up and gain skill points to unlock skills/Abilities as it levels, we have our own assets for the mod and we have one talented coder who’s coding essentials stuff and  they do more advanced aspects of the mods code, but we are planning that players will be able to make a zoos, explore brand new dimensions, able to encounter new creatures, new blocks, new items, new structures, new bosses that drops displayable trophies items, new ores, new features, players able to collect all possible fusions/hybrids, all blocks and entities will have smooth Geckolib animations,.. there’s so much more we’ve planned for the future of the mod.

What do we require?

DH team is an amazing team right now. We have couple people for textures, models, sounds, and our one 1.19.3/4 coder but we're looking for more long-term Java coder for Minecraft 1.19-1.20  that can assist us with more parts of the mod that we haven’t touched on this big project will have 4 mods all together DH Core(library/Vanilla+ for the rest), DH: Geneticist (new pet mod similar to Pokémon and Ark), DH: Beyond Known Realms (Progressive Dimension slowly gets harder to survive new bosses etc)

Do we give Compensation?

as for a commission based, we are looking for free volunteers for this project, coders that just loves to work on Minecraft mods as fun side projects but when the community grows, we will definitely set up a donations and add the development team as credits that also earn some money from curseforge to the entire development team, but if you’re definitely in need of cash we could definitely are willing to pay anything you if you ever require it, we can negotiate payment when the time comes we would prefer volunteers.

Is there any ETA of the mod?

*We will not be giving an ETA of the mod release, could causing too much stress for the team with a deadline and would be unfair to the player-base if we had to break a promise of release, but I do wanna get an early access of some flashed out core elements of the mod for early playthroughs at the end of this year.*


if you're not interested in joining the team but are interested about the mod, do please join the community Discord Server, https://discord.gg/Q34eb4nsHs

lastly enjoy some of these images from the mod {concepts, models, gameplay screenshots}






feel free to DM me on Discord


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