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Several configuration values for each player


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Hello. I'm new to Minecraft modding. I host a server for friends and family where players can play the game with their kids. Some younger kids have difficulties in game so I'm trying to create a mod where I can define hurt modifiers for some players so they take reduced damage on falling, monsters, etc.

I've read some documentations and for the most part I think I know how to achieve what I want. Only thing I can't seem to find any resources of is how to create a config file where I can set idividual settings for each player.

What I think I need to do is to create a server config file where I can set various modifiers for various hurt sources. Each player should have own values. I'm not yet familiar with toml file syntax so I'll throw json example what I try to achieve:

	"player1": {
		"fallDamage": 0.6,
		"physicalDamage": 0.3
	"player2": {
		"fallDamage": 0.8

Here "player1" will only get 60% of normal fall damage and 30% of physical damage. "Player2" has different modifiers. Rest of the players have no reduced effect.

Can someone point me to some resources to achieve this configuration type? Or write a minimal example how to define and read said config file. I'm using 1.19.2 if that makes any difference. Thanks!



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