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How to make a mod that adds contraptions like in the mod create by simibubi ?


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Hey folks,

I'm trying to create an airship mod for forge 1.19.2. The fact is i'm new to forge and modding in general.

My mod idea is that i want players to be able to make custom shaped airships (different types of wood, redstone, different type of wool for the baloon...)

I saw on the "create" mod that it's possible to create 'contraptions' in minecraft forge. I want to know how to achieve it or a tutorial on it.

Thanks a lot,


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With a lot of work and effort that it probably couldn't be covered by a forum post. If we discard the rendering, create's contraptions are pretty much like any other multiblock structure and pipe system. As this site is not a tutorial, I suggest you attempt to solve the issue on your own and ask more specific questions relating to development rather than 'how to make my mod'.

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