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[1.19.4] Obj Model Texturing Issue

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I have had an issue with 'obj' models. They load in-game fine other than their textures.

Here is an image of the object model:



The issue appears like this at startup:

[15:50:19] [Worker-Main-2/WARN] [minecraft/ModelManager]: Missing textures in model thingamajigs:railroad_crossing#facing=south,on=true:

The full log is here: https://pastebin.com/gcwdxfzf

The model file looks like this (the object model file loader doesn't seem to use the textures listed here at all, other than the particle one):

  "loader": "forge:obj",
  "flip_v": true,
  "model": "thingamajigs:models/oversized/railroad_crossing_up.obj",
  "textures": {
    "texture0": "minecraft:block/white_concrete",
    "texture1": "minecraft:block/blast_furnace_side",
    "texture2": "thingamajigs:block/railroad_crossing_arm",
    "particle": "#texture2"

This is the material file the object model references from:

# Made in Blockbench 4.5.2
newmtl m_dd28271a-302d-fd38-307e-8e996f2db52c
map_Kd thingamajigs:block/concrete_barrier.png
newmtl m_fc9e1164-6218-31d8-4383-83dd0190a00c
map_Kd thingamajigs:block/extra_metal.png
newmtl m_93d0f9cc-2adc-3599-826b-f7e62dabc6a0
map_Kd thingamajigs:block/railroad_crossing_arm.png
newmtl none

The in-game model is shaped properly and is fully displayed (both states), but the textures on all the parts are all the placeholder texture.

Here is the link to the block's code: https://pastebin.com/4KuyafZ4

I have no idea why the object model file loads in game fine but the textures do not. Is there one extra step I am missing?

Edited by CreativeMasterBonin
added image for clarification on what the model looks like
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