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Nether Help/Crash

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We've been playing on a private MC Eternal Server for about a week now and there's about 4 regular players and and 2 players who get on every so often. We're using 1.6.1 which I think is the latest version. Anyway one of our players was exploring the Nether and came across the Phantasmagoric Inferno Biome with a nether fortress/city in it. As far as we can tell from the crash log the biome generator is conflicting with the nether fortress generator and the player got frozen flying into the area and crashed. His brother went to try and help him escape since every time he logged in he lagged and then crashed and so then his brother got caught in the same cycle. Eventually the server owner got on and was able to TP them away from the location. The server still crashed but once they were TP'ed away they were able to log back in and play again. The concern is that no one can go into that area now. If anyone does they find themselves in the same situation. Frozen and crashing until the server owner TP's them away. The server says it's trying to load in a nether city and timing out. Obviously if we can't explore the nether there's going to be issues with progression for us in the game. Any advice would be appreciated. And if you have any questions please let me know. I'm not the server owner but I play with him daily and can probably get any answers I don't already have. Thanks for your time. 

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