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Linkvertise and AdFly


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Linkvertise is this super sketchy thing, they bought AdFly, and plan to replace it with their own service. There's a difference between the two, AdFly isn't filled to the brim with viruses and malware. Linkvertise, is filled with viruses and malware, and you have to download the viruses and malware everytime before a download. Linkvertise is filled with ads. AdFly has ONE. But, I'd recommend switching services, for the sake of other people. The thing with Linkvertise, it can be a user friendly experience, but to new Linkvertise visitors [or users], they get mislead to a bunch of malware.



I'm gonna site this source as images since the original article is on Linkvertise. I cut it off because the rest just talks about how "good" they are.


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