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Ban evasion but not banned before?


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Hi there! 

So I was asking for a friend about a mod me and him are working on and for some reason I got instant banned for "ban evasion"?

I'm not sure what's going on but I would just like an answer to my question, thanks! (Bird'o'Life#0640 was the user)

(Screenshot attached)HcaX8cX.png

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Are you Calmitous_End#9531?

If so, you were banned because: (Spoiler because it may be traumatizing or trigger PTSD in some people.)


Now is the time to turn back if you really don't want to see it. You have been warned.


You threatened to kill yourself on multiple occasions.



Additionally, Finn asked you for a picture of your monitor to prove that you are not using an alt and you were unable to deliver.

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I posted this in the discord Off-Topic channel. They will decide your fate.

I'm not good at modding, but at least I can read a crash report (well enough). That's something, right?

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