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[1.6.2]Bonemeal Source


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Im currently working on a new mod, and in this mod I have an item that needs to be created using bonemeal. When I say created using bonemeal I dont mean when this item is on the ground it will grow or something with a right click of bonemeal. Im saying that in the crafting table I need an actual recipe that involves bonemeal. The problem is whenever I look in the items class theres not name that I can see that represents bone meal. If anyone knows the answer to this please help! Thanks!

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Ok so i guess I got in game and tested the bonemeal and It didnt work. Here is the line of code I used that I thought would work:


GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(FertalizerCan, 1), new Object[]{ " cb", " b ", " b ", 'c', Item.coal, 'b', new ItemStack(Item.dyePowder, [glow=red,2,300]15[/glow]) });


The glowing number is where I thought the damage value would be declared but I dont know why its not working I tested out different numbers and none of the powders work. If you know how to fix this please help! THANKS!

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Im looking for an answer if you have one?! Thanks!


this is how i did it:



GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(BlueStoneShard), new Object[]{
         "L  "," C ","  L", 'C', BlueStoneChunk, 'L', new ItemStack(Item.dyePowder, 1, 4),


So to break it down a little. to define L as Lapis I had to do


'L', new ItemStack(Item.dyePowder


now the 1 defines how many in the stack.


'L', new ItemStack(Item.dyePowder, 1,


the four is the damage value and now we have


 'L', new ItemStack(Item.dyePowder, 1, 4)

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