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Entity motion not smooth


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I'm trying to make a block, that when you throw an item on it moves the item around the block on the ground and then creates a new item out of that. I've tried onEntityCollidedWithBlock and calling a function on my TileEntity and that works perfectly. But when i try to move the EntityItem with these motion vars, e.g. motionX += 1 the movement is just not smooth and it looks like the item is just teleporting. When i slow it down, it is smooth, but it's too slow for me. I'm looking for a function in EntityItem to adjust maybe the walkingSpeed, but there is no method or variable like this.


I hope you can help, because it's a little tricky.





You sir are a god damn hero.

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The motionX variable is a double. You are adding an integer to a double (which works, but gives the double the precision of an integer. You don't want that, you want the precision of a double. That's the entire reason the variable is a double :)). You need to specify the type in which you are adding to the double. I am willing to bet if you change:

motionX += 1




motionX += 1.0D


then it will be smoother. (Very very important in programming if you ever need anything to be precise that you specify the type.)

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