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Forge 1.18.2 How to detect if mob hit by an Uncraftable Tipped Arrow


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Is it still possible to detect within a custom mob class if it has been hit by an Uncraftable Tipped Arrow , and if so, how? I am trying to convert code from 1.12.2 to 1.18.2 but the capability no longer seems to exist.

public boolean hurt(DamageSource source, float amount) {

Entity entity = source.getDirectEntity();
if (entity instanceof LivingEntity) {
this.setTarget((LivingEntity) entity);
if (entity instanceof Player) {
if (amount > 0) {
if (source.isProjectile()) {

if (!this.hasPal()) {
if( source.getImmediateSource() instanceof EntityTippedArrow) { 
TippedArrowItem tippedArrow = (TippedArrowItem) source.get.getImmediateSource();

if (tippedArrow.getColor()==3694022) {


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Tipped arrows are now just regular `Arrow` entities that contain a potion or a list of mob effects. This can be checked using `#getPickupItem` on the returned `ItemStack`s `CompoundTag`. You can use the `PotionUtils` helper to read the data. Uncraftable tipped arrows apply custom effects and not a potion.

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Thank you, I have managed to get the color arrows that have potion effects, but mc doesn't bother to give the Uncraftable Tipped Arrow a color anymore, and gives the same -1 color result as a plain arrow and identical names 'entity.minecraft.arrow'. So no way to distinguish from getting hit with the Uncraftable Tipped Arrow and a plain Arrow.

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But all types of arrows are now just stored under Arrow which is an entity and not castable as items. The only hurt investigating you can do is:

if (source.getDirectEntity() instanceof Arrow) {

int col = ((Arrow) source.getDirectEntity()).getColor();



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