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1.19.2 mod server won't start. Need help finding client mods.


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Hey, my friends put together a custom modpack to use and asked me to set up a server to run it. Problem is, they didn't think to log which mods where client side only and which worked server side. Naturally, I only found this out when I actually attempted to run said server. There's quite a long list of them and, frankly, I have no idea which are causing the problem. I just run servers and install modpacks, not curate them. If anyone could help me identify the problem and what's causing the error, it would be greatly appreciated.


To make things a bit easier, I'm running the server in a docker container on a Ubuntu 20.04 server installation. Also, I'm using Java 17 and Forge ver 1.19.2 release 43.2.8 as that is the same version as the modpack, so everything should be working. Again, any help would be really appreciated.

latest log:

All mods installed:

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My guess is anything that has to do with skins, HUDs, rendering, fps, shaders and the like would be it. It's probably best just to ask your friends. You may also just be able to load up an empty forge server and when connecting to the client, it should say what mods are incompatible, ignoring anything client-only.

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