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Forge just gives me exit code 1

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No matter what version, no matter if i have mods or not, it gives me exit code 1.
It also doesnt give me anything else from the minecraft launcher, just that.
I tried to use the curse forge app but it also doesn't work, exit code 1 again no matter the version and if there are mods or not, again.The Curseforge app crash note for research.

The URL to paste bin for the log report

Im genuinely confused on what is the problem. 

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I've been getting the same thing. I even have been watching the logs while it opens, even when I can't read the darn thing! One thing that catches my attention is the exit code 1 then asks me if I'd like to copy it. I just want my shaders! So I hope there is a fix for this. >.<

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18 hours ago, SkateandScore said:

I've been getting the same thing since the 1.20 release.   I'll just add that I appreciate all the Forge devs do to keep this up to date.  Be patient and I'm sure we will get there.

Alright! I hope they do answer fast. i had plans with friends and now we kinda have to delay it so its a little bit sad.

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Hello all friends! I FOUND THE SOLUTION!
Your messages about the AMD graphics card made me think, I own the RX 5700 XT model myself, and I haven't updated the drivers for a long time, because everything works stably, and they have crooked driver versions from time to time.
The first thing I did to solve this problem was to go into a special application "AMS Software Adrenaline" and the first thing that opened was an error related to dravers and Windows update, I had to reinstall the application. After that, I updated the drivers in the application, immediately restarted the computer and everything started working.
I apologize if something is not clear in my English, I did everything through a translator because I am from Russia

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