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single player world wont open


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so i was playing with a friend on my "server" on this modpack (i added essential into the modpack so that i could run a single player world as a multiplayer like in bedrock edition, but modded, along with futureMC so that i could have a few of the newer blocks for a build i wanted to make) but when i was messing around with one of the wands that are in the modpack adds, my friend immediately got kicked from the game (unusual as when i leave or crash when hes on his character loses collision with the world, along with most of the textures being gone, not just gets booted) along with my game being frozen and not responding, so i force quit minecraft, and since last night i have not been able to open the world it just opens then right after the world closes, and the screen shifts to "server shutting down" for less then a second, and i just get an exit code of -1 (im guessing its for non minecraft issues, like something not native to the game so they dont have something for it programmed but idk i could be wrong) with the error description saying "The game crashed whilst ticking entity Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking entity".

i have tried to open other worlds and they do work, and the thing i was messing around with was the item named Rending Gale, from reliquary

if anyone has any idea of how to help me, you can either reach me on discord (same as my display name here) or by just replying to this topic, ill be looking at this semi frequently

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