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Hi, can you please tell me how to make a tooltip for a button and put it into a label so that you can put it into a translation file.
I'm working in MCreator because I don't know Java and JSON. So I don't really understand what is written in the code below.
Here is part of my code, but it outputs the error "Note: Some messages have been simplified; recompile with -Xdiags:verbose to get full output" and says that the this.renderTooltip("Paper №1", 32, 32); line is to blame:

import net.minecraft.world.level.Level;
import net.minecraft.world.entity.player.Player;
import net.minecraft.world.entity.player.Inventory;
import net.minecraft.resources.ResourceLocation;
import net.minecraft.network.chat.Component;
import net.minecraft.client.gui.screens.inventory.AbstractContainerScreen;
import net.minecraft.client.gui.components.ImageButton;
import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft;

import net.mcreator.zapiskabook.world.inventory.BookZapGuiMenu;
import net.mcreator.zapiskabook.network.BookZapGuiButtonMessage;
import net.mcreator.zapiskabook.CyaoLoreMod;

import java.util.HashMap;

import com.mojang.blaze3d.vertex.PoseStack;
import com.mojang.blaze3d.systems.RenderSystem;

public class BookZapGuiScreen extends AbstractContainerScreen<BookZapGuiMenu> {
	private final static HashMap<String, Object> guistate = BookZapGuiMenu.guistate;
	private final Level world;
	private final int x, y, z;
	private final Player entity;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh32;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh321;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh322;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh323;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh324;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh325;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh326;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh327;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh328;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh329;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh3210;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh3211;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh3212;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh3213;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh3214;
	ImageButton imagebutton_paper32kh3215;

	public BookZapGuiScreen(BookZapGuiMenu container, Inventory inventory, Component text) {
		super(container, inventory, text);
		this.world = container.world;
		this.x = container.x;
		this.y = container.y;
		this.z = container.z;
		this.entity = container.entity;
		this.imageWidth = 176;
		this.imageHeight = 166;

	public void render(PoseStack ms, int mouseX, int mouseY, float partialTicks) {
		super.render(ms, mouseX, mouseY, partialTicks);
		this.renderTooltip(ms, mouseX, mouseY);

	protected void renderBg(PoseStack ms, float partialTicks, int gx, int gy) {
		RenderSystem.setShaderColor(1, 1, 1, 1);

		RenderSystem.setShaderTexture(0, new ResourceLocation("cyao_lore:textures/screens/bookgui.png"));
		this.blit(ms, this.leftPos + -56, this.topPos + -11, 0, 0, 295, 186, 295, 186);


	public boolean keyPressed(int key, int b, int c) {
		if (key == 256) {
			return true;
		return super.keyPressed(key, b, c);

	public void containerTick() {

	protected void renderLabels(PoseStack poseStack, int mouseX, int mouseY) {

	public void onClose() {

	public void init() {
		imagebutton_paper32kh32 = new ImageButton(this.leftPos + -38, this.topPos + 7, 32, 32, 0, 0, 32, new ResourceLocation("cyao_lore:textures/screens/atlas/imagebutton_paper32kh32.png"), 32, 64, e -> {
			if (true) {
				CyaoLoreMod.PACKET_HANDLER.sendToServer(new BookZapGuiButtonMessage(0, x, y, z));
				BookZapGuiButtonMessage.handleButtonAction(entity, 0, x, y, z);
		guistate.put("button:imagebutton_paper32kh32", imagebutton_paper32kh32);
		imagebutton_paper32kh321 = new ImageButton(this.leftPos + 0, this.topPos + 7, 32, 32, 0, 0, 32, new ResourceLocation("cyao_lore:textures/screens/atlas/imagebutton_paper32kh321.png"), 32, 64, e -> {
			if (true) {
				CyaoLoreMod.PACKET_HANDLER.sendToServer(new BookZapGuiButtonMessage(1, x, y, z));
				BookZapGuiButtonMessage.handleButtonAction(entity, 1, x, y, z);
				this.renderTooltip("Paper №1", 32, 32);


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