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This happened to me one time. When you reobfuscate the mod, check that every package and class is in the re-obf folder. Is it is not, try reobfuscating again. If that still does not work, try coping the source code and setting up a new MCP workspace. Then try reobfuscating from there.


Hope this helps!




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I'm not entirely sure why, but something happens during obfuscation so that the path to your class has changed (maybe because you have minecraft in the package structure? :-\) and the ModClassLoader can't find it based on the path it received.


I would suggest two things:



1. Remove minecraft from your package structure.


2. Change:



@Instance(value = "OverhaulCraft")

That way you aren't hard coding the path to your mod ;)


Hope that is of some help.

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The serverSide proxy class you referenced in your OverhaulCraft class is not the same as the file you probably intended to use.



      clientSide = "com.awesomesauce.minecraft.overhaulcraft.ClientProxy",

      serverSide = "com.awesomesauce.minecraft.awesomecraft.CommonProxy"


  public static CommonProxy proxy;


Also, your error log seems to be showing errors from loading the "com.zip" file from a "mods\1.6.2" directory not the "OverhaulCraft.zip" so if there is something different there is no way to tell from what you have posted.

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