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[1.19.4] the style class to format text to display custome text in the player screen

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well good days 
form the bedblock class i extract code and made this 

	    public static void texto( Player pe, String mensaje){
    //Style st = new Style();
    pe.displayClientMessage(Component.translatable(mensaje), true);

only works on client side for reasons

the plan is to extend this to make a network message to send text from the server side to client side and in the client side change text size and font color 

for that looks like the format is made using this class 

Style st = new Style();

i dont find example of this class usage to apply format to the text, the size and color thing 

thaks for your att 

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package done 




			package mercblk.networking;
		import net.minecraft.ChatFormatting;
		import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft;
		import net.minecraft.nbt.CompoundTag;
		import net.minecraft.network.FriendlyByteBuf;
		import net.minecraft.network.chat.ClickEvent;
		import net.minecraft.network.chat.Component;
		import net.minecraft.network.chat.Style;
		import net.minecraft.world.entity.Pose;
		import net.minecraft.world.entity.player.Player;
		import net.minecraftforge.network.NetworkEvent;
		import java.util.function.Supplier;
		public class send_display_mensage_locally {
		String mensaje = "";
		int color = 0;
		int tipo = 0;
		public send_display_mensage_locally(String mensaje) {
		this.mensaje = mensaje;
		public send_display_mensage_locally(String mensaje, int color) {
		this.mensaje = mensaje;
		this.color = color;
		public send_display_mensage_locally(String mensaje, int color, int tipo) {
		this.mensaje = mensaje;
		this.color = color;
		this.tipo = tipo;
		public send_display_mensage_locally(FriendlyByteBuf buf) {
		CompoundTag nbt = buf.readNbt();
		this.mensaje = nbt.getString("m");
		this.color = nbt.getInt("c");
		this.tipo = nbt.getInt("t");
		public void toBytes(FriendlyByteBuf buf) {
		CompoundTag nbt = new CompoundTag();
		nbt.putString("m", this.mensaje);
		nbt.putInt("c", this.color);
		nbt.putInt("t", this.tipo);
		//ModMessage.sendToPlayer(new send_display_mensage_locally("Mensaje de Prueba" ), (ServerPlayer)pe );
		public boolean handle(Supplier<NetworkEvent.Context> supplier) {
		NetworkEvent.Context context = supplier.get();
		context.enqueueWork(() -> {
		//Text.translable().fillStyle(Style.EMPTY.withColor(ChatFormatting.RED ));
		Player pe = Minecraft.getInstance().player;//context.getSender();
		//pe.displayClientMessage(Component.translatable(this.mensaje), true);//.fillStyle(Style.EMPTY.withColor(ChatFormatting.RED) );
		ChatFormatting tcolor = ChatFormatting.WHITE;
		switch(this.color) {
		case 1:
		tcolor = ChatFormatting.RED;
		case 2:
		tcolor = ChatFormatting.GREEN;
		case 3:
		tcolor = ChatFormatting.BLUE;
		Boolean bold = (0 == (byte) ((tipo & 1)) );
		Boolean underl = (0 == (byte) ((tipo & 2) >> 1) );
		//System.out.println( this.mensaje );
		//System.out.println( this.tipo + ", bold " + bold );
		//System.out.println( this.tipo + ", underl " + underl );
		pe.displayClientMessage(Component.translatable(this.mensaje).setStyle(Style.EMPTY.withColor(tcolor).withUnderlined(underl).withBold(bold) ), false);
		return true;


naa i find a working example and fix it in a the netowrk message package 




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