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ForgeSlider class not working as expected


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Hello, I’m currently making a GUI for my small mod and tried to implement the ForgeSlider class. Everything works fine, the slider is rendering, I can click it to change the value, however I can’t drag the mouse while clicking down to move the slider knob. I have tried many things from changing the version from 1.19.2 to 1.19.4 -> same issue. I also tried to change the value in the onDrag() function, that didn’t work as well.

All I do in my screen class is

- make a new ForgeSlider variable

- initialize and assign the slider in the init()

- render the slider in the render()

What I also noticed is that when I create a class that inherits from the ForgeSlider and override the onDrag the function is not even called.

Is this intended or is it a bug, and if so how can I fix it?

(Forge version 43.2.10 but it also applies to the 1.19.4 version)


EDIT: a few minutes after this post I found the answer. Turns out google search is just trash and I should’ve searched on the forums xD

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