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AdoboMC - Unique Custom Survival Server


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Server IP: play.adobomc.com
Server Version: 1.20-1.20.x, Java

Store: https://store.adobomc.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/3EzMQKP6UX

AdoboMC, or AC for short, is a new unique survival server that you can play on Java version 1.20.x. Bring your friends or make new ones here in our awesome community. AdoboMC offers a unique custom survival experience with custom packs and models installed and have a core aspect of the game should be enjoyed. There are a dozen quality unique content on the server, as well as some custom plugins, items, and models. We just started a new server, which opened up just a few months and now to be in beta for testing purposes.

Some of the main features our server has to offer includes…
Player Skills is a custom plugin that allowed players to rankup there skills with custom perks, such us upgrading strength, health and many more.

Land Claiming:
On AdoboMC, we use the absolute best, state of the art plugin for claim management, not to mention it’s the easiest for you to manage due to the user-friendliness of the GUIs! This plugin features endless options for the players, including handling flags for each of your claims and subclaims.

A complete new take on this RPG-inspired leveling plugin. Every ability, active and passive has been striped from the original mcMMO plugin, to introduce newly custom coded features and mechanics, with custom GUI. Some current abilities include Blast Miner, Tree Feller, and Miracle Grow. AC offers extremely clean and user-friendly GUIs for mcMMO, /mcmmogui.

Player Display Shops:
The server offer a custom player display shop, which means we added a playershop that has a lightweight 3D interaction, meaning you can sell your in-game items on your lands and you can see your custom item in a hologram floating to your shop.

Custom Packs and Models:
The most exciting feature on AdoboMC would have custom items, custom skins and custom models mobs and pets, we also have some custom wings and any other cosmetics to enjoy in-game, everything can be claim free by our vote crates, and some are in the daily rewards, you can also purchased custom cosmetics to our server store and by that you can help us support our server, we also have custom realistic mobs in-game, we have Elephants, Wolf, Crocodile, Flamingo, and much more.

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