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Forge 45.2 Minecraft 1.19.4


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Forge version: 45.2.0
Minecraft version: 1.19.4


Since the release of our first recommended build for MC 1.20.1, the release policy for recommended builds has changed - we now aim to release new recommended builds for fully supported MC versions more frequently - as long as there's a reasonable amount of changes since last recommended build.

This second release build introduces some new features and bugfixes.


  • Re-add in-game mod menu (#9654)
  • Hook in IClientBlockExtensions to handle enabling tinting on breaking particles. (#9446)
  • Add `EmptyEnergyStorage` (#9487)
  • Support IPv6 address compression for logged IPs (#9501)
  • Add option to advertise dedicated servers to LAN. (#9502)
    • On by default to simplify home-hosting a Forge server - it'll now automatically show up in the multiplayer screen without needing to figure out the server's IP and manually addding it to be able to connect.
  • Add particle description data provider (#9510)
  • AlterGroundEvent for modifying block placement performed by AlterGroundDecorator (#9636)
  • Improve logging for server connections (#9622)
  • Add proper duplicate mod error message that includes the mod id(s) and mod files. (#9474)


  • Fix `Level` leak in debug HUD (#9700)
  • Keep order of sources in PackRepository (#9703)
  • Fix DelegatingPackResources searching resource path twice (#9698)
    • This performance regression bug only affected 1.19.3+ and is now fixed
  • Fix parameter names in IForgeDimensionSpecialEffects.adjustLightmapColors to better describe what they are. (#9657)
  • Fix FluidUtil#tryFillContainer returning invalid result when simulating (#9358)
  • Fix conflicting keybindings not having the correct click count set. (#9360)
  • Fix the AdvancementsScreen not rendering next/previous page buttons. (#9650)
  • Properly handle fluid updates while in a boat (#9428)
  • Fix placing fluids into waterlogged blocks with FluidUtil::tryPlaceFluid. To behave more like vanilla MC-127110 (#9519)
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