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Crash on clicking Singleplayer Version 1.20.1

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"Description: mouseClicked event handler" With exit code -1

I'm usually okay when it comes to reading the crash log but this one seems to confuse me. Hoping someone else could take a look and see if they can spot the problem. 
I've looked for solutions to troubleshoot, I have already reinstalled minecraft, updated graphics drivers, updated java, removed windows defender from private network. I am still encountering the problem. 

Its a heavily modded client, and its not a minecraft issue, since I've tried to replicated on a vanilla client and nothing happened. 


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No idea why this was causing such a weird issue, but the mod Pineapple Delight for forge 1.20.1 was to blame. Very strange, I will report this to the mod creator after trying to see why its causing this issue. 

I would still love to understand how to read that crash log if anyone experienced could tell me

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