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Mod not being loaded


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I don't understand why my mod, Universal Electricity with Forge properly installed (tested with IronChest mod) doesn't load up when I put my mod zip file in the mods folder. Iron chest loads no problem, I did it as a test but my mod doesn't load and doesn't even show up in the mod list (in the Minecraft menu). I included a mcmod.info file for it. The mod works perfectly in MCP with no bugs and tested to be working pretty good. The only problem is that in the "real Minecraft" it doesn't get loaded up...


No logs and error reports show up since the mod isn't even loaded yet.

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The forgemodloader-client-0.log file will tell you what it does and doesn't find in the mods dir. EVERYTHING is there.


When the log says "mod.zip failed to load properly" does it mean the packaging is bad or the code inside is bad? Or does it mean it can't identify the mod in the zip hence it ignored the zip?

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I've been having the same issue with TC3 and haven't yet found much help.


CPW told me it's something to do with my mod not packaging properly. It says in the Forge log my zip file is ignored.


EDIT: It's all because of the mcmod.info file. Azanor try copying the new format of the mcmod.info file because if the info file is wrong, the mod won't be loaded. My mod is working nicely now!

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