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  1. Yeah, your numbers don't make any sense at all.. 1393 has the progress bar in it. If it was related, I would expect to see that as slow as any of the others. Are you using optifine? He "sorta" supports these versions of forge..
  2. We know. The trade off was this, vs total server lockdown. Mods add a lot of extra mobs, that inherit this behaviour (as you noticed). Once that count gets too high, the server will start to lag, HARD. Too many mods circumvent the spawn limits (though it was quite reproducible in vanilla too). Multithreaded mob AI in 1.8 may mean this patch can be removed. Don't get your hopes up before then.
  3. Overmind, with the timings in his initial log, he's lucky he can even play vanilla. It must be an excruciating experience. Even my 10 year old laptop does better than this.
  4. Your computer is too slow to run both a modded server and client. Get newer hardware!
  5. You need to obfuscate your mod to run it outside eclipse. You can't just collect the classes from the eclipse bin folder. Run "gradlew reobf" to generate an obfuscated jar at build/libs
  6. I am working on aliasing. It will be possible to force the "minecraft:milk" name to point at a different block/item, as an example. The original block/item won't be replaced, so much as any requests for it will become diverted. This is not in FML yet.
  7. Reproduce with the very latest forge, and grab the "latest.log" from the logs dir. it may contain clues.
  8. What is the version of Java, the version of Windows, and how much memory do you have?
  9. Close your old launcher processes. Those logs are because there's an old launcher running, locking the log file, so it can't be rotated.
  10. What is your java version? Do you know? It seems to be pretty broken.
  11. Test with latest forge/fml please. It should be working. there was a bug that derped runtime deobf for a bit.
  12. Impossible to fix it. He does a direct replacement of a class that is incompatible with FML in every way. It was coincidental that it worked before. (In this case: the class in question is TileEntityMobSpawner).
  13. Is everyone encountering this bug using optifine? I suspect a bug in optifine rendering. I cannot reproduce.
  14. FML contains the fix. Just need to push it to forge.
  15. You know that we do nothing to the listen address of the server.. It sounds like you have a problem with your hamachi setup.
  16. When you ran forge you generated the world. You probably want to delete that world and try again..
  17. Searge lex and I are thinking about snapshots at the minute. We will probably try and get at least one or two out so modders can know what to expect...
  18. Try using a launcher like magic launcher or multimc, or grab the feed the beast pack..
  19. Yes 1.4.7 prereleased before new year. I believe they'll go live next week sometime..
  20. Or one of many other launchers that work with FML/forge..
  21. Post the forgemodloader log file..also, update forge..
  22. There was a bug in ee3 that would probably cause this spam. To be clear a mod is trying to run a server only call on the client. Obviously you shouldnt do that as a modder when you're in a client only context...
  23. Yeah, your aura data got corrupted.. Possibly you killed the world a bit too hard?
  24. Good luck with that. Reis is in your mods folder twice. Probably you have it in your jar as well as in the mods folder. Just get ftb and enjoy playing already.
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