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How to make a new fixed HUD?


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I am trying to make a new HUD to add onto my game (similar to an experience bar). I have it rendering onto the screen, the only problem I am having is with the placement of it. Since the placement goes by pixels, what may be the perfect location on a full screen may be located in the middle of the screen if the player re-sizes the window. How could I make it fixed in a certain location relative to the game? For example, the hotbar and experience bars are always in the bottom-center of the screen.

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There are two variables in every GUI class. They are width and height. As you may or may not assume, these are the width and height of the screen.


If you wanted to have the TOP LEFT of the image for the HUD drawn in the very center of the screen, you would draw it at x location width / 2, and y location height / 2.


I hope that helps :)

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I have also found that I really love making extremely long and extremely but sometimes not so descriptive variables. Sort of like what I just did there xD

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