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Boat Mod Problem


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Hi guys


I started modding and working with forge yesterday.I have at the moment a custom boat

which is,for the time being, supposed to emulate the normal boat just with a different texture.

I am however having two problems which I haven't yet figured out.


1. If I turn my camera to turn the boat as you would with the normal boat it doesn't turn all the way.

This means I end up like |/ with the pipe being the direction I'm looking and the / the direction the boat is.


2. The boat seems to collide with stuff earlier than the normal boat.Ie it seems to be bigger than it should.


I'm hoping someone else has had this/a similar problem before.


My code is just the normal minecraft boat code,but renamed. I use the Model,Render,Entity and Item classes.


I register my Entity with :


EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(PoweredBoatEntity.class, "poweredBoatEntity", 180, this, 40, 1, true);


And I register my Render in the ClientProxy class with :


RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(PoweredBoatEntity.class, new PoweredBoatRender());


Then a question out of interest, the registerModEntity takes an int argument called the trackingRange(in my code = 40),

what does this trackingRange do,and can it be the cause of the turning problem?It also takes an in argument called updateFrequency(in my code = 1),

what does this do and can it cause my turning problem?



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Thanks for the info. Should've extended EntityBoat from the start come to think of it.Was using a tutorial as guide.

It did not cover entities,but for every Item/Block it added it extended the base Item/Block class and I just followed that :S


Just two more questions hopefully :

1. Is there anywhere documentation on the forge code such that I can find stuff like the EntityTracker myself?


2. In the EntityBoat code there is a method attackEntityFrom.In this method it is decided what should happen if the boat gets hit.

There is the following line of code :

this.dropItemWithOffset(Item.boat.itemID, 1, 0.0F);

I have replaced this with :

this.dropItemWithOffset(Boats.poweredBoat.itemID, 1, 0.0F);


Where Boats is my mod base class and poweredBoat a public final static Item field.Is this the correct way to do this and similar things?



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As for finding EntityTracker, i just followed registerModEntity method till reaching the point where those variables are used.


The change is good, but don't initialize items with final static.

It is recommended to only initialize items and blocks after receiving the FMLPreInitializationEvent. This way you are sure Minecraft is ready to handle things ;)

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Hi again


Turns out the only way I can find to change the max speed of the boat is in the onUpdate method.This method uses alot of private fields,which means if I override it I have to hide a bunch of superclass fields.Also it calls alot of method which refer to private fields as this.fieldHere.This means I have to override those fields aswell.In the end I'm going to override the entire class.


So for the time being I have switched back to using all the code from the EntityBoat class and extending Entity.With this I have been able to change the max speed, but it also means my original problem is back,namely the boat does not rotate all the way when I rotate.


Any help is appreciated.

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    • Add the crash-report or latest.log (logs-folder) with sites like https://paste.ee/ and paste the link to it here  
    • In your config folder, delete the sophisticatedcore-common.toml file and test it again
    • Add the crash-report or latest.log (logs-folder) with sites like https://paste.ee/ and paste the link to it here  
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