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[Solved]Send objects via packets


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I need to find a way to send some object (like EntityPlayer,itemStack,World - that kind of thing) via packets . As i can see in forge/vanilla object is chopped into byte array which then is sent via a packet. So how to do that ? If it's really complicated (cause i don't know how to work with bytes actually) , is there a good and neat way of transporting objects server-client vice versa . For now i just make a HashMap in my packethandler class which looks like that : String identifier (like player's username) and object to pass . But i think this method is too messy for a big packethandler class.

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Some concepts that might be relevant:


You need to send enough information to uniquely identify your object, so that the receiver can recreate it.  That can be done in many different ways depending on exactly what you want to do. 


The general name for what you're trying to do is called "serialisation" and there is inbuilt support for it in Java but I suspect it's probably more complicated that what you really want.  Anything that is saved to disk already implements serialisation (eg readFromNBT typically) which can be sent via Packets, again it might be overkill.  I would suggest that you find the code for a vanilla object which does roughly what you want, and adapt that.








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