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Finding all blocks in a radius


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Hi, I'm making a mob which searches all blocks in a radius from its position. If any of the blocks are of a certain block ,it approaches the block and does something.


However, I'm having real trouble figuring out a way of making a method which searches all blocks in a radius from a coordinate and returns an array of those blocks, does anyone have any idea on how this could be done?


An example method name would be getBlocksInRadius(World world, int x, int y, int z, int radius)


Thanks in advance!

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Do you mean World.getBlockID?


The basic algorithm would look something like


for z = -10 to 10

  for y = -10 to 10

    for x= -10 to 10

        if (x*x + y*y + z*z <= radius*radius)

          if World.getBlockID(x+mobx, y+moby, z+mobz) == myBlockID



Is there any reason you need to return an array of all the block locations, i.e. can't you just pick one (eg the closest?)




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