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Get furnace block given FurnaceFuelBurnTimeEvent?


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Hey all! I asked around on the discord and didn't get any answers over the last couple of days so I'm coming here:

I want to, when my item is used in the furnace as a fuel source, run some action on the actual furnace block. I got far enough that I created a handler class that listens for FurnaceFuelBurnTimeEvent however, that doesn't have any ways to get the position or block of the furnace, any suggestions on how I could accomplish this?

Running forge 46.0.14 for Minecraft 1.20

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This would not be possible with the event as that event is not sensitive to any specific position. This is primarily because places such as AbstractFurnaceMenu#isFuel doesn't have access to that.

Your best bet therefore would be to write 3 mixins, all into AbstractFurnaceBlockEntity that target the 3 usages of ForgeHooks.getBurnTime (that's the method that fires the event). This would give you access to the BlockEntity (self).

  • AbstractFurnaceBlockEntity#getBurnDuration(ItemStack)
  • AbstractFurnaceBlockEntity#isFuel(ItemStack)
  • AbstractFurnaceBlockEntity#canPlaceItem(int, ItemStack)

Just note that there are a few problems with this approach, primarily that AbstractFurnaceMenu#isFuel would disregard your changes. But you also have to consider that any mods which utilise ForgeHooks.getBurnTime (and therefore fire the FurnaceFuelBurnTimeEvent), would also not be subject to your changes.

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Forgot to list the 3 usages
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