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Modding Team Wanted! Project: Total Control (Details Inside!)


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I've been on the controls side of the building automation business for quite some time now and I can't help but notice how related a lot of the stuff I do in Minecraft is to the stuff I work with on a daily basis. However, in almost every case, I always find Minecraft lacking any real powerful automation mods. Hence, I would like to draft a team of interested modders who would like to take up this project. I have no modding experience, but I have been programming for 12 years so I could help out where I could.


To wet your appetites, let me layout some of the basic principles this mod will be based on. In the building automation industry most installations consist of three primary groups of controllers:

  • User View
  • Supervisory Controller
  • Field Controller

The field controller is at the low-end of the totem pole and primarily focuses on performing low-level logic on various field devices. In the Minecraft world, this would be controlling a smelting factory, energy reservoir, some sort of auto-farming, etc. etc. The supervisory controller does high-level logic using a collection of field controllers. In Minecraft, this might be hooking up your energy system to your smelting factory to put it in overdrive whenever your smelting factory gets a huge load in. Finally, the user view is what allows you to take a detailed look at your entire operation. In Minecraft, this would allow you to basically have a general overview of your entire base, whether it be your power plant, factory, farming, or whatever. Basically it would act as your headquarters for operating your base.


This model has been in use in the real world for a long time, and it's very successful. If it can be successfully moved to Minecraft, it would unlock almost unlimited possibilities.


The core of the mod would of course be focused on redstone signals with a mix of a higher level data transfer protocol. At the field level, I would like to see a PLC based system for doing some basic logic in a compact block. At the supervisory level, a simplified wire-frame type of logic would be suffice. The user view would simply be a large multi-block structure that displayed configured information based on how the whole system is connected.


Why work with me on this project?

  • I passed puberty awhile ago
  • I have 12 years of programming know-how (despite not having modding experience)
  • This mod idea is literally my everyday real world job
  • I have good English, can document very well, and have led projects like this before


Obviously this mod is rather complex and quite demanding, but as I said before it would unlock so much more potential with Minecraft simulation. Any interested parties please either respond or contact me via PM. I will have a full outline drafted up soon which I will deliver to anyone interested signing onto the project.




P.S To the ones who are eagerly awaiting to reply with "do it yourself," let me address your statement so we don't waste anyone's time: I work a full time job whilst supporting a family of 4. I have been programming for a very long time, and I would love nothing more than to have enough time to commit to a project like this. Alas, I do not have such time, but I would hate to see a project with so much potential go out the window, hence me assembling a team!

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