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[SOLVED] Entity variables on client side


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Hi guys!


I have a very special problem, hope that someone can help me..


I created some shurikens in different Materials (iron, gold, glass, ...) which should be rendered different of course.

The Problem is: I changed the constructor EntityShuriken(World, EntityLivingBase) to

public EntityShuriken(World par1World, EntityLivingBase par2EntityLivingBase, String Texture, int ID)
        super(par1World, par2EntityLivingBase);
        this.TexturePath = Texture;
        this.ItemID = ID;

But on client side the constructor EntityShuriken(World) is used and I can't change it because it's called from forge.

How can I create the Entity in a way that the String for the Texture and the Integer for the ID are also stored in the Entity on client side?

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