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Making a furnace explode


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Forgive me if I am over looking something, I hate to ask for help. What I am trying to achieve is, when i put a specific item in a furnace, It explodes. I've tried several theories that would make this work, but non have worked. I'm new to the Forge API, and was wondering if someone would help me. Thanks!

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Maybe you could add a custom smelting recipe for your item, so that when you put it into the furnace, it turns into a different "unstable" item that explodes as soon as it's created (i.e. as soon as any code tries to call any of its methods - onCreated might be suitable?).


So perhaps you could

(1) override MyItem.onCreated() to set a flag in your "TriggerExplosion" class

(2) add a TickHandler which checks the TriggerExplosion class every tick

(3) if the TriggerExplosion flag is set, it looks near the player for any TileEntityFurnaces, finds the one with the explosive item in it, then blows it up







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