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Problem with custom GUI on custom Block


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Hello everyone!


My name is Elanion, and I just began to learn Minecraft Modding in order to be able to provide my Project-Team with the Mods we need, so please don't be mad at me for doing "stupid" stuff or not knowing some things, I am a total noob. :D


So I've been making a new Block, which is using a Techne model. That one worked quite fine, it is doing what I want it to do and it is rendering, everything perfect.

Now I tried to make a new GUI, connecting it with the new block so if you rightclick the block, you'd get a GUI where you can fuel the block for a certain ammount of time.

I had several errors there, but fixed most of them, finally being able to start the client and get it to react to my request, but it seems like it does not feel like rendering the GUI....and the client simply shuts down(does not just only crash, surprisingly, it realy seems to be shutting down).


I've uploaded the Crashreport here:




Can anyone tell me, where the problem might be coming from?


Thanks to anyone who takes their time to help me!

Best wishes,


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at net.minecraft.inventory.Slot.getStack(Slot.java:105)
at net.minecraft.inventory.Container.getInventory(Container.java:69)
at net.minecraft.inventory.Container.addCraftingToCrafters(Container.java:55)
at edaron.mod.ContainerTikitorch.addCraftingToCrafters(ContainerTikitorch.java:49)

Something is null at line 105 of Slot. Probably due to wrong setting of your ContainerTikitorch.

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