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Checking block "mining level"


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Hey all, me again. :P Got a question, I am making a block which when placed destroys the block beneath it. It works fine, I've got it to leave water and lava and things like portals and dragon eggs, but I was wondering, is there a way check the "mining level" of a block. By mining level I mean that obsidian requires a level 3 pick to destroy. I'd rather not have to go program all the id's in because 1. If Minecraft adds more blocks I have to update that code. 2. If someone adds a mod with an indestructible block, well... It won't be indestructible for long. :P Any help is appreciated!

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From what I understand indestructible blocks generally have a negative hardness, so that's one thing. Aside from that have a look at the net.minecraftforge.common.ForgeHooks class, in particular its canToolHarvestBlock/isToolEffective methods, those should help. You could pass the different tool tiers to check a block's level.

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