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IntelliJ questions.


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Hello all,


Decided to try out intelliJ after ~ 1 year of coding in eclipse. Thought Id try it out, weigh up the pro's and cons. Coding wise it seems great, better than eclipse, and It has a decent dark theme. The only thing is, when I run minecraft(even vanilla minecraft), it errors out. Now it must be some tiny schoolboy error somewhere in my dependencies/run configs etc. Because the classNotFound error pops up, although clearly the class is there, in the source. Apparently that classNotFound error is something to do with FML saying "You screwed up bro", and personally I agree with it. New IDE means i've probably made a tiny mistake.


Anyway, heres an album of screens showing... The error log, the file structure, run config, Module dependancies(note i removed the EI mod entirely from the dependencies, just hoping to get vanilla running first) http://imgur.com/xYef2pO,ouxhhjr,1kYIojl


Also, does anyone know if there is a way to remove errors/warnings from the Forge module? I like to start with a clean slate when it comes to warnings. I did it in eclipse, but don't know how to in intelliJ

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