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Get the IP of the current server?


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Well, I see two ways.


First, ensuring you are connected to a server, you can use reflection to access serverName in Minecraft. But that's probably not the best idea.


The better way is to create a ConnectionHandler. Simply make a class:

public class ConnectionHandler implements IConnectionHandler


and register it in your @Init using:

NetworkRegistry.instance().registerConnectionHandler(new ConnectionHandler());


You can then use to these to methods in your connection handler to keep track of the current server:

public void connectionOpened(final NetHandler netClientHandler, final String server,
		final int port, final INetworkManager manager) {


public void connectionClosed(final INetworkManager manager) {


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So, could you give me an example of how to use this to add a stat (achievement) to the player?

(for an example) how would i use this to activate

player.addStat(ExtraAchievments.prot3ch, 1);

when the player connects to a server with the IP ""?


Im asking because my mod (ExtraAchievements) is being added to a modpack I used to work on and i want to add an achievement for playing on the modpack's server.

Legend of Zelda Mod[updated September 20th to 3.1.1]

Extra Achievements(Minecraft 1.8!)[updated April 3rd to 2.3.0]

Fancy Cheeses[updated May 8th to 0.5.0]

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For that, I would use the playerLoggedIn method since it is fired server side when the connection is actually established. I haven't actually tried it, but this should work in your connection handler:


public void playerLoggedIn(final Player player, final NetHandler netHandler,
		final INetworkManager manager) {
	if(player instanceof EntityPlayerMP)
		((EntityPlayerMP)player).addStat(ExtraAchievments.prot3ch, 1);


EDIT: I forgot to mention, you're going to want to make sure that code is actually running on the intended server. Using this, someone could just create a local server and join to get the achievement. Perhaps an encrypted key in a configuration file?

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