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major issue: cant install forge953-src (solved)

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updating my mod to 1.6.4 and i had a hicup with my ant script, had to delete the forge folder usually no biggy.

downloaded a fresh 953zip and ran the install.cmd only it wont install




never had this before, any help greatly appreciated really want to make a test build of my mod and test it before work in an hour and half


so far i have tried :

a different folder

rebooting the pc

running as administrator(wouldnt work at all then)

sitting the cat next to it and telling the pc unless it worked i would let her loose on the wires




to ake it worse i just tried the irc channel and first i had to make a registered nick name.... then it still wouldnt let me send to channel






untill forge or mcp fix it here is the work around


<Freya> But simple fix: change 1149 change to 'https://libraries.minecraft.net' also 1242 change to 'http://resources.download.minecraft.net'

<Freya> in your fml.py


credit to Freya in the irc channel for helping me with that

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