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Odd Graphical Bug


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I'm running into an odd graphical bug, that I'm hoping someone has seen before.

I'm not sure if Forge, FML, Optifine, UE, or rays from Saturn are responsible, or a combination.

All of the Ores added by UE show up, when placed as blocks, as textures from terrain.png. Tin is a sapling (oak, i think), while copper is a portal (complete with animation).

As soon as the block is broken, the "Item" version of the ore shows correctly.

This occurs both with and without texture packs - I even created and added my own copper and tin textures and figured out where to put them in my custom texture pack thinking it could be a x16 - x64 texture issue, but no dice.

I had something similar occur with Foliage where the new flowers used the old chest textures from terrain.png, and I reloaded my entire minecraft from scratch, and am getting this issue now. (I hadn't gotten down to the ores with Foliage so I cannot verify if the ores were changed then too.)


While it is quite playable in this condition, it is rather immersion-breaking and ugly. Any ideas or suggestions?

Edit: While normally played with multiple mods, running with only Forge, Optifine, UE, Crafting table III, and Rei's minimap results in the same error.




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My Apologies,





And forgotten in the post above, but should not be involved: BWG3_FORGE_109


(And I discovered that Crafting Table III, while it "installed" without crashing, doesn't work either, as it did not get updated, but got mislabeled somewhere making me think it had. Manually removing all mod files had no effect on the bug.)


Should I cross-post into UE and Optifine forum threads? Not sure what is to blame for this. Will probably create a dozen copies of my gameworld to test every version of minecraft jar as I mod up later tonight.

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