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  1. What is the exact link you are trying to download? I tried it with 1235 without issue? I tested http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/gradle/ForgeGradle/1.2-SNAPSHOT/ForgeGradle-1.2-20141106.102959-216.jar and it extracts without issue. Do you have a network trace to the server?
  2. This is a known issue with stale cookies, clear them and it should work fine. A bit of a consequence of the multi-domain cookie support that is required for the wiki bridge. Really hoping to maybe look at another forum system...
  3. Or play multiplayer on a remote server, you might be able to run just the client by itself fine. But before you mod much you will need a hardware update.
  4. Got yet a larger server, will be moving everything to it over time, the forums are not-yet, will give a warning before they are moved. Speaking of which, a new discussion site is put up, if it gets good traction and good comments, might end up moving the forum over to it permanently. Can people please test it, see what you think of it, etc... http://discuss.minecraftforge.net/ For note, the emails it send might end up in your spam folder right now, at least until I move the forums over the rDNS mappings will not match it.
  5. I checked through the moderation log and I did not see your name in there. Do you have a date or time closest to when it happened so I can look closer?
  6. There should be no way that 'b' should be null if the javascript has access to the page layout at all. Is it only a FF19 problem? Might be a bug on their side... I use chrome (and forced to use IE at work) myself, and my firefox at home is old, 14 I think, but it did work fine last I tried.
  7. It seems to be an issue with packet51, likely vanilla related, and think forge did a workaround in the latest forge, but more testing is needed, please try latest forge.
  8. The primary forge author uses Windows, which sadly does not store such permissions on files, although it is capable. It does bug me as well, however I just work around it by doing this instead: sh install.sh
  9. Actually it can, you can define various parameters and complete design of how it should work by making your own AI task and injecting it in. I actually do that myself, so I know it works and is quite simple.
  10. Actually the ore dictionary can already be used for that purpose, it is extremely capable, just have to get the mod authors to use it.
  11. The file server is changing servers due to it getting... 'large'. The EAQ should tell you how to download and install the files manually until the move is complete.
  12. Did not install forge properly, try again. Copy *all* the files and folder from the forge zip to your minecraft.jar. Do not do anything else.
  13. 1.2012-12-24 19:51:38 [iNFO] [ForgeModLoader] Forge Mod Loader version missing.missing.missing.missing for Minecraft missing loading You did not install it properly.
  14. RedPower's autoassign is currently broken, set your ID's manually in the redpower configuration.
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