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[1.6.x] [For devs] EasyTessellator!


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[shadow=black,right]Are you tired of rendering each face of a cube separately when using Tessellator?

Than use EasyTessellator!



Made for 1.6.4, but probable works on earlier versions, too (let me know if you try it on some other version)


What does it do?

It renders all six sides of a cube with some parameters you give it with just one command!

How to use the command:

The command:


void renderCube(double x, double y, double z, int xDim, int yDim, int zDim, int offsetU, int offsetV, Icon icon, int flag, int textureWidth, int textureHeight)



x - x position of the block in the world + position of the cube in the block (eg. x + 0.25 means that the cube would be offset by 4 pixels on x axis)

y - same as x parameter, but for y axis

z - same as x parameter, but for z axis

xDim - dimension of the cube on x axis (in pixels) (means how big the cube will be)

yDim - dimension of the cube on y axis (in pixels) (means how big the cube will be)

zDim - dimension of the cube on z axis (in pixels) (means how big the cube will be)

offsetU - horizontal texture offset (in pixels)

offsetV - vertical texture offset (in pixels)

icon - texture to use to render the cube

flags - changes how the texture will be used (more information below)

textureWidth - the width of the texture (in pixels)

textureHeight - the height of the texture (in pixels)


If you are using default 16x16 texture you don't have to give the textureWidth and textureHeight parameters! ;)


Explanation of offsetU and offsetV:


Img 1 (how it looks in some png texture file)



0 - all sides with same texture (see Img 1 above)

1 - 1 texture for top and bottom and 1 texture for sides (like bookshelf)


Img 2 (the height of the top & bottom texture have to be same as zDim and the blue one as yDim)


2 - uses different texture for each side and when you have rotatable block you can use 3, 4 ,5 flags (rotates textures counterclockwise), but you have to change the position and dimensions of the cube yourself.


Img 3 - this is how it is taking the textures from the file


If you are rendering item the x,y,z are gonna be 0.


How to use:

1. Download (below)

2. Put it somewhere in your src folder

3. When rendering block, item or something with tessellator, use EasyTess.renderCube(....); (You can of course render more cubes in 1 block)

4. Done



https://github.com/EnkeyMC/EasyTessellator/releases (green button called "EasyTess.java")


GitHub Repository:



If you found some bug, have a suggestion or some problem just reply to this post!


Author: Enkey (in-game EnkeyMC)

If someone helps you, click that thank you button ;)


EasyTessellator library: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,14705.0.html

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