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Entity Rendering Issues in Multiplayer


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I have programmed an entity that can load chunks independently of the player and is therefore always active. Since the entity is very large (volume of about 66800 blocks), I implemented that the entity is rendered from a distance of several thousand blocks, even outside of the player's actual render distance. Since I logically want to render the entity with the correct distance to the camera, rotation, motion, tickCount, etc., I use the server-side entity, which stores all this information. I get the server-side entity via an event and use the synchronized method to prevent an exception. In single player this also works perfectly, the entity has the correct position, rotation, etc. and I have the correct server-side entity. The same applies to a local LAN world. However, when I'm playing on an actual multiplayer server, whether alone or with other players, my code strangely always gives me the client-side entity, which is why the entity stops at the position where you leave its range of view, and the entity rendered from a long distance is no longer updated, which is obviously a problem. The problem is definitely not due to my long distant render logic, since the client-side entity, except for the problem that it is client-side, is rendered correctly, and the render logic otherwise only contains things like distance interpolations and a fog logic that definitely does not cause the problem. The server-side entity in the single player is actually rendered perfectly. So the problem must somehow be with the way I'm trying to get the entity. Here's the code that works perfectly in single player: 

    private final Object renderLock = new Object();

    WitherStormEntity witherStorm = null;

    public void onServerTickLivingEntity(LivingEvent.LivingTickEvent event) {
        if (event.getEntity() instanceof WitherStormEntity witherStormEntity) {
            synchronized(this.renderLock) {
                if (!witherStormEntity.getLevel().isClientSide()) {
                    this.witherStorm = witherStormEntity;


    public void renderTickDistantRenderer(RenderLevelStageEvent event) {
        synchronized(this.renderLock) {
            if (this.witherStorm != null && event.getStage().equals(RenderLevelStageEvent.Stage.AFTER_PARTICLES) && WitherStormModClientConfigs.DISTANT_RENDERER.get()) {
                render(event.getPoseStack(), event.getPartialTick(), this.witherStorm);


Unfortunately, as I said, I get the client-side entity in multiplayer mode, or at least not the correct server-side entity. I've also tried things like an iterator over all entities in the server level, but unfortunately it didn't help. I desperately need help with this issue, and would really appreciate some help and an answer on how to fix this! 😀

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