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How to check if player is moving or not

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Hey there, I'm having trouble checking if a player is moving or not, getDeltaMovement doesn't work unless the player is sprint jumping so I thought to compare positions between ticks and im not tooooo sure how to do that. If anyone can help that would be appreciated

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getDeltaMovement is they way to go, however it's only populated properly on the client. Therefore any modifications to the player based upon their speed can be done on the client, but if there's an interaction with another entity you have to send a message over the network

if(player.level().isClientSide) {
  System.out.println(player.getDeltaMovement().x); // Works!


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also heres an issue: if the player does not turn at all, the playermoveevent wont be called if theyre standing still. the event is called if theyre moving so if theyre not moving the event isnt called. you may be better off checking this in a timer task like this moving main page.

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