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Oculus and rubidium not working together.... plz help

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Hi. I'm trying to assemble a modpack and I got stuck at some things. I want to use sahders but I don't know what to use. hear me out I can't use optifine cause it bus some aspects of the game (scrambles textures and for eureka ships they are fully invisible.

Everywhere I look there's always message "Use oculus, rubidium and emeddium." sadly that doesn't work for me at all. I tried running both mods alone and they give me this error. I don't know what to do and I'm not that good at doing code like this. (thank's for help if you decide to answer :  )

Here's the crash log when I try to run both of them:

<script src="https://paste.ee/e/frrv5/0"></script>

also i forgot to mention I'm running forge 1.20.1

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It worked  thanks. I tried adding other mods to my mods folder and the valkyrienskies mod doesn't want to work with the embeddium and oculus.

here's the crash log i hope there's a way to fix this because i wanted to use those mods (ValkyrieSkies and eureka ships), I tried to use oculus because optifine broke the ships and I wanted shares.


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valkyrienskies is not compatible with embeddium

Some Rubidium builds should work


Create a new modpack instance and start with Rubidium, Oculus and valkyrienskies

Try different builds of these mods until you find a working combination - then add the rest of your mods

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