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Manual entity (vehicle) movement management (packets/networking)

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Hi all.


I'm currently writing a mod involving some mountable vehicle-type entities.


My issue is that the stock minecraft MP movement code is...well...terrible.  I've pretty much overriden the entire vanilla movement packet stuff with my own.


The problem is, the vanilla packets are still sent, I just ignore them (technically, I've overridden setPositionAndRotation2 with an empty method :o).


My movement packets are tiny.  They consist of two bytes to transmit the input from the player to the server and relay it to other players.  Occasionally I send a synch packet to make sure position is lined up between server and players.


So, the real question:

What are the downfalls of not registering entities with EntityRegistry.RegisterModEntity()?  What it does is handle the initial spawning of the entities, and adding them to the Vanilla network entity tracking list.


If I do NOT register my entities with the EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(...) and handle things manually, the only problem I can see is the initial spawn information won't be sent.  I don't think this will be an issue because I am blanking out the method it uses to set everything anyway.  It would mean I would have to manually spawn the entities into the client world (likely using the same FML methods used by the original packet).


TLDR:  My move code works great, but vanilla packets are still being sent even though I just ignore them.  Can I un-register the entity with FML? (but leave the other registerGlobalEntityID, so it will save/load from NBT still).


Anyone else have experience with complete custom entity network movement code and overriding vanilla behavior?




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Nobody with any experience overriding vanilla network move-code?


I guess I'll give it a go and let you all know how it went, and the steps necessary if it works.


Basically, I just want to keep network traffic down and completely stop the sending of vanilla move-packets for my custom entities.




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