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Changing Light Level at which a Spawner Activates


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Anyone have an idea how to change the light levels at which spawners work -- preferably without core modding or creating a new blocks (I want my mod to be usable as a server mod as well as single player, without requiring player to have the mod when playing on a server)?


Basically, I'm wanting to create a "hardcore spawners" option that cause mobs to spawn at all light levels, forcing players to smash the spawner in order to stop them (no putting down torches and saving it for future spawning).  I'd like to create (yet another) dungeon generating mod, with large, multi-room dungeons, and don't want them terned into OP griders from hell.  Also, since its all world gen I was hoping it could be set up to not require client side installation to use in SMP.


Any ideas?  Is this even possible?  I don't see an option for it in MobSpawnerBaseLogic.



Developer of Doomlike Dungeons.

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From looking at the code it's not actually the spawner that stops spawning when the light level is too high, it's the mob itself


                    if (entityliving == null || entityliving.getCanSpawnHere())
                        this.getSpawnerWorld().playAuxSFX(2004, this.getSpawnerX(), this.getSpawnerY(), this.getSpawnerZ(), 0);

and in entityliving.getCanSpawnHere which is overridden to EntityMob.getCanSpawnHere:

    public boolean getCanSpawnHere()
        return this.worldObj.difficultySetting > 0 && this.isValidLightLevel() && super.getCanSpawnHere();

which calls


and this stops the mob spawning if there's too much light.

So I doubt it's possible to override that directly.


But I think it should be possible for you to get there indirectly:

eg add a tickhandler on the server side, and every (say) 20 ticks, check for any mob spawners within 16 units of the player (they are tile entities so they're relatively easy to find), and if so spawn the entities yourself according to the mob spawner logic.


I reckon it should be possible to have that run on the server only without needing any modifications to the client.






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If you were to make a mod you could just make a tileentity that spawns mobs reguardless every few ticks but since you want to basically make a plugin i'd just have a class which keeps track of where these special spawners are in the world, have the special spawners just have NBT tags which cause them to spawn nothing and make a tickhandler and every few ticks spawn the required mobs by all the spawners, it would require some code to make sure you aren't spawning mobs in walls but that shouldn't be too hard

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