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Research system in the normal crafting table


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Hi all,


I'm trying to streamline the crafting process in my mod a bit.  I use a research system to prevent certain items from being crafted until players have done the requisite research.  Currently any recipe requiring research must be crafted at a special crafting table -- not because I want it this way, but because I could not find a way to deny crafting of normal crafting-bench recipes based on the player crafting the item.


My question is this:  Is anyone aware of a method to change the crafting outcome from a recipe dynamically dependent upon the player doing the crafting, at a normal crafting bench?


My first thought would be a creating a subclass of ShapedRecipes, and return 'false' from matches() for players that have not done the requisite research...but I cannot find a way to get a reference from the crafting player from InventoryCrafting.  I might be able to pull 'some players' from the containers crafters list from InventoryCrafting (would need some reflection at least to get at some private fields), but I cannot see a way to guarantee that any of these 'players' are in-fact THE crafting player.


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance,



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I have an idea that might work...

Why not just save a file containing a list of Usernames and unlocked researches?

Then use a custom crafting handler to check the player has unlocked the recipe. If they have, it gives the crafting result. If not, it returns null as if its an invalid recipe.

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Closer examination of ICraftingHandler shows that while it does give a player reference, it does not allow one to change or nullify the crafting result.  It is more of an informative callback than a crafting-event mechanism.


I will continue looking around a bit...thanks for the info anyway -- I might be able to use this elsewhere..but it does not solve the current problem =\

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Ah. Any reason why you dont want to just use your own block to craft?



Forge has a event for when players open a container. So you might be able to intercept the opening of the workbench container and make it open your own container.


@ForgeSubscribe(priority = EventPriority.NORMAL)
public void PlayerOpenContainerEvent(EntityPlayer player, Container openContainer)
        if (openContainer instanceof ContainerWorkbench)
        this.canInteractWith = false;
        this.canInteractWith = openContainer.canInteractWith(player);
        //Open your container here

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I reckon CJ's suggestion for looks promising, perhaps in conjunction with GuiOpenEvent to change the Gui and/or container to your own.


Disclaimer: I haven't actually tried this before and the last time I tried to decipher the container handling + GUI code it got pretty cryptic so it might be challenging.


Alternatively, your idea about the container's crafters list sounds like it could also be a solution - perhaps the presence of at least one trained mage allows others to craft too - i.e. does it matter which player looking at the crafting table does the actual click & drag to "complete" the crafting?







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Im pretty sure you dont need the gui event. Setting canInteractWith to false will prevent the original from opening. The custom workbench container is a copy-paste job. Just replace references to CraftingManager to a custom version of it. Im sure there is also a way to interface all the original recipes too. Maybe a reference of CraftingManager within the custom CraftingManager...


Hope this makes sense.



Feeling nice. This CraftingManager should work. It is untested but definitely a step in the right direction.


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