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[1.6.4 | IC2] TileEntity not removing


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Hello :)


I am making a mod which using the IC2 api bug I got a problem. The tile entity seems not to be removing.

Here's my code:


I've already tried by using "world.removeBlockTileEntity(x, y, z)" but it's still giving me the same error...

When I place the block (Or any IC2 blocks) where I destroyed one of mine, i get this error in the logs:

2013-12-30 22:37:38 [Avertissement] [iC2] EnergyNet.addTileEntity: fr.Knux14.Electools.TileEntity.TileEntityTeleportBlock@85fc923 (fr.Knux14.Electools.TileEntity.TileEntityTeleportBlock@85fc923) is conflicting with fr.Knux14.Electools.TileEntity.TileEntityTeleportBlock@48cdb24 using the same position (already added, prev. te not removed, overlapping), aborting


If there is a cable next to this block, even if I break mine, the cable still seems to be connected.


Anybody can help me ? Thanks in advance

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Ask the IC2 forum as most of us are unfamiliar with the API.

I've didn't found where to post :(


EnergyNet has a remove tile entity method that you need to use when the block is broken.


It seems that it doesn't contain it, here's my IEnergyNet class: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/8189898

I've found this on google which seems to have it but it also seems to be a bit old: http://atomicstrykers-minecraft-mods.googlecode.com/hg-history/853343e5b365415ccfc8583059ca7bf3d87ba538/PowerConverters/common/ic2/api/EnergyNet.java


I have an event which is supposed to do the same as EnergyNet.removeTileEntity() => EnergyTileUnloadEvent but it doesn't work. It is said in the comment that it should do the same as the method but the method doesn't exists anymore:

 * Every energy tile which wants to get disconnected from the IC2 Energy
* Network has to either post this event or alternatively call
* EnergyNet.removeTileEntity().



If I post the event in breakBlock I have this error when I destroy then replace the block

2013-12-31 00:32:40 [Avertissement] [iC2] EnergyNet.removeTileEntity: fr.Knux14.Electools.TileEntity.TileEntityTeleportBlock@24ed3cfa (fr.Knux14.Electools.TileEntity.TileEntityTeleportBlock@24ed3cfa) wasn't found (added), skipping
2013-12-31 00:32:55 [Avertissement] [iC2] EnergyNet.addTileEntity: fr.Knux14.Electools.TileEntity.TileEntityTeleportBlock@69217a9c (fr.Knux14.Electools.TileEntity.TileEntityTeleportBlock@69217a9c) is conflicting with fr.Knux14.Electools.TileEntity.TileEntityTeleportBlock@24ed3cfa using the same position (already added, prev. te not removed, overlapping), aborting

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