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Invisible chunk after using jujutsucraft attacks

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so basically another rundown of my probelm. Im the admin of a 1.20.1 modded server. Were using forge 47.2.0 but tested this issue in other forge versions too on sevrer and client side. so the forge version isnt the issue. The bug happens in following instances. Were using the attacks of the jujutsucraft mod by orca normally. And for everyone that stands there nothing changes. But everyone who wasnt in the chunks before or who relogins again those chunks will appear invisible for the most part. I tried fixing this be removing and adding following mods in many combinations. Embeddium, canary, memoryleakfix, ai improvements, Krypton reforges, better chunkloading, radium reforged, embeddium plus, farsight, betterchunkloading, oculus I tested most of these mods alone and in differents combinations with each other and without the mods. What i noticed is zhat when i removed  . most invisible chunks will return or semi return. and only ine or two chunks stay invisible. I rechanged those mids mostly on the cöient side but also some in the serveside. Ir most likely isnt an issue with another non performance mod since i noticed this thing with embeddium. Ans also the problem wasnt there im the beginning of the server. Granted since then we updated some of the mods that add content and their lib mod. But i went to every big mods discord and community that we have and i didnt find someone else havinf that chunk problem. Heres the link to a video of the Problem. https://streamable.com/9v1if2



heres the link to the modlist: https://ibb.co/myF8dtX



Pleaee im foghting for months with this problem. All the performance mods kn the modlist are for sure not the issue i tested without all of them.

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