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*SOLVED*[1.7.2] crash on rendering an item (and its driving me nuts)


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first the item is being regonised by minecraft as im getting "[19:06:22] [Client thread/INFO]: Add : TwistedMod:bunnyD 4096 com.mrgreaper.twisted.items.ItemDeadBunny@d695de" as it loads, but the item does not appear in any of the creative tabs!


ok the error im getting happens when i try to do the recipie to make the item i have added (in this case a dead bunny)

heres the crash log : http://pastebin.com/ub7pF9vK

The crash and the fact the item isnt in the creative tabs suggests to me its not being created, but entry in the log states its there even has an id (though /give playername 4096 1 says no such item, as does attempting to give its unlocalized name in place of the id)


here is my items class file : https://github.com/mrgreaper/TwistedMod2/blob/master/java/com/mrgreaper/twisted/items/ItemDeadBunny.java


my main mods class file :



the items.class that has my init() for registering items




the icon is located in



the lang file is located



any other files you need to look at are all on the github


i spent 4 or 5 hours lastnight trying to work out why its not working (till i almost fell asleep at my keyboard) and a couple of hours already googling today to look at src code of other mods to see how they did it, not many for 1.7.2 yet. but everything i have done seems right and looks like it should work! my 1.6.2 mod im re-writting was much more complicated then this and worked fine, to be stuck on the first stage, on creating an item is frustrating to the highest degree


im well and truely stuck



**edit changed the modid to lower case and the resource folder to match (that wont show on github as it doesnot seem to care about case in folder names ....wierd)


also my latest forge log http://pastebin.com/WMQnhRAa



**edit added an assets folder into resources and placed the modid folder into that ..still crashing

latest log is : http://pastebin.com/kkZnTQZv



**edit solved**

i had no pre - init so my items were never getting initialised ...never code tired!

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