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(IntelliJ) Gradle doesn't import enums from net.minecraft.core properly


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I'm trying to create a mod that involves directional blocks, but IntelliJ is giving an error - "cannot resolve symbol 'Direction'". It offers me several "Direction" classes from various unrelated packages, but not the Direction enum from net.minecraft.core. Upon further investigation, it seems that although it has imported other classes from net.minecraft.core fine, enums such as Direction or RedstoneSide aren't being imported. I've tried to bodge around it, but I can't find a way to make BlockState.isFaceSturdy usable without it, as Direction is one of the input arguments. Why would Gradle import net.minecraft.core, but not import its enums? What file could I have set up wrong? (Alternatively, I would be satisfied with a workaround for BlockState.isFaceSturdy if there is somehow no fix for this.)

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UPDATE: I kept coding, and apparently the code just works even though the IDE can't recognize the class. Annoying to have 64 fake project errors in a functioning program, but I guess this is solved.

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